The Trusted Blockchain-Enhanced Marketplace

For the Global $340 Billion Annual Medical Devices and Supplies Industry

Who We Are

We are a team of career medical device professionals, regulatory professionals, doctors, allied health professionals, blockchain and MIS specialists, and business advisors, collectively representing hundreds of years of experience.


Our goal is to quickly: (1) Streamline the global PPE industry (COVID19 supplies) as it evolves; and (2) democratize the global medical device industry; and make them more efficient. We bring scalability, security, cost savings and speed to market to the medical supplies ecosystem.

What is MedXchange?

We believe in the promise of frictionless commerce, enabled by blockchain technologies, while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory and privacy compliance. Our vision for MedXchange is to create a global marketplace that promises to:

The Benefits

Let’s change the world together with MedXchange