The Trusted Blockchain-Enhanced Marketplace for the global $340 Billion PPE and Medical Supplies Industry


Our goal is to quickly: (1) Streamline the global PPE industry (COVID19 supplies); and (2) democratize the global medical device industry; and make them more efficient. We bring scalability, security, cost savings and speed to market to the medical supplies ecosystem.

Who We Are

We are a team of career medical device professionals, regulatory professionals, doctors, allied health professionals, blockchain and MIS specialists, and business advisors, collectively representing hundreds of years of experience.

Our Vision

We believe in the promise of frictionless commerce, enabled by blockchain technologies, while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory and privacy compliance. Our vision for MedXchange is to create a global marketplace that promises to:

• Match real time, available channel supplies with Buyers
• Match manufacturers and production capacity with Buyers
• Support online and OTC transactions
• Facilitate Buyer and Seller due diligence
• Facilitate the secure exchange of logistics and transaction documents, authentication and verification, including certifications such as FDA, CE Mark, and ISO, and standards such as ASTM and EN
• Regulatory compliance engine ensures up to date compliance and buyer confidence, and facilitates new medical products being introduced into the market
• Reduce acquisition and transportation costs
• API interface for escrow and services such as KYC and AML authenticators
• Minimizes the risk and provide protection tools against fraudulent users
• MEDCASH is native coin, but seamlessly exchangeable with Fiat and crypto (such as BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, BCH)

Modern equipment in operating room. Medical devices for neurosurgery. Background

The Benefits

• Support seller and manufacturer qualifications including registrations, regulatory authorizations, performance history, etc.
• Enable sellers to accurately identify critical attributes that are essential to proving the product is genuine and fit for intended use. Sellers can upload approvals, certifications, and also add structured detailed information to help buyers determine if the product is fit for a particular use (such as NIOSH approval, FDA approval, ASTM level or EN14683 Type for surgical masks).
• Enable sellers to accurately specify where the physical product is located (of “OTG” or On the Ground) or the required lead times for a production run (if it’s a manufacturing run). Sellers can upload proof of product (POP) and proof of life (POL) videos, photos of product, inventory validations, third party validations (like SGS), etc.
• Enable Buyers and Sellers to quickly establish a match for their respective SOPs to facilitate a transaction. This is especially critical in transacting for PPE supplies.
• Enable buyers to execute faster procurement by pre-qualifying their purchasing power by providing proof of funds.
• Enable buyers to find sellers more accurately and efficiently by matching their search criteria precisely to the products they need based on attributes that are not available in any other system.
• Enable sellers to find buyers more accurately and efficiently by matching their products and inventories against the search criteria used by potential buyers.
• Reduce seller risk by validating buyer credentials and reduce buyer risk by validating seller credentials and product certifications.
• Reduce buyer and seller risk by providing seamless escrow and insurance offerings with each transaction.
• Reduce buyer risk of unexpected logistics costs and delays by validating location and condition of product prior to transaction.
• Reduce risk of security breach or compliance-related issue through the use of immutable blockchain technologies for every transaction.

Let’s change the world together with MedXchange