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We intend to trade Medcash, the ERC-20 token native to MedXchange, upon the completion of our ICO with a major exchange soon. The Medcash ICO will be a global first – join us in our journey to make regulated medical devices and supplies industry easier and more efficient for all its participants.  It is a $340 Billion annual market, and growing rapidly. Medcash is the token that is native to  Medxchange aims to streamline this marketplace, so that much needed medical devices and supplies can get to where they are needed faster and cheaper. This will improve outcomes and save lives. It is especially critical during “Black Swan” events, such as COVID19, Sars, Mers, Bird Flu, and so may others, past and future.

Medcash Token

Medcash Token

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*Medcash is used as a “virtual commodity” to facilitate sales transactions of all global medical devices and supplies on the Medxchange system, and it is used to incentivize miners and data silos, and it is used to support all other related and supporting transactions, including exchange transactions with fiat currencies and other selected cryptocurrencies. Medcash does not convey any equity or ownership interests, or any shareholders’ rights (such as the right to receive dividends and the right to participate in the distribution of the MXL’s surplus assets upon a winding up, if any); as such Medcash is a digital token and is not and may not be regarded as an interest in a “collective investment scheme” (CIS), as defined by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). Please see T&Cs.