Our Vision

We believe in the promise of frictionless commerce, enabled by blockchain technologies, while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory and privacy compliance.

MedXchange Marketplace

Match real time, available channel supplies with Buyers

Match manufacturers and production capacity with Buyers

Support online and OTC transactions

Facilitate Buyer and Seller due diligence

Facilitate the secure exchange of logistics and transaction documents, authentication and verification, including certifications such as FDA, CE Mark, and ISO, and standards such as ASTM and EN

Regulatory compliance engine ensures up to date compliance and buyer confidence, and facilitates new medical products being introduced into the market

Reduce acquisition and transportation costs

API interface for escrow and services such as KYC and AML authenticators

Minimizes the risk and provide protection tools against fraudulent users

Blockchain oriented, built for digital asset listing and trading

MEDCASH is native coin, but seamlessly exchangeable with Fiat and crypto (such as BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, BCH).