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(d) the proposed outcomes which were debated in the Whitepaper may not be achieved;
(e) Tokens may not provide the rewards stipulated or anticipated;
(f) If the Participant takes part in the Crowdfunding, receives and holds Tokens, makes funds transfer to Medxchange, it does not grant that person any decision making power, including in terms of administration, development, or the role, behavior or productivity of Medxchange;
(g) the Participant will not hinder, crack into, disrupt, violate, or perturb the working regime of the Website;
(h) he will not break or try to break the Website security ;
(i) he will not gain access to the information or data which he is not allowed to access;
(j) If it is necessary he will provide to Medxchange any additional information which the company may consider necessary when providing services on the Website; and
(k) if applicable, he will guarantee that any information or content which is posted or going to be posted on the Website, shall not violate rights of privacy of the Website. He also guarantees his responsibility for all posted information and content.

8.4 By using the Website and taking part in the Crowdfunding he agrees to the following statements:

8.4.1 the Participant represents that he is:
(a) NOT a resident of the United States of America, its territories or possessions;
(b) NOT a partnership, firm, or other legal organization formed within the laws of the USA;
(c) NOT an agency or other organization which is located in the USA;
(d) NOT a trust of which the trustees are described in (a), (b) or (c) above;
(e) NOT a legal organization (i) the shares of which are not publicly sold on a securities exchange, and (ii) at least 50% of the shares of which are owned by or in favor of a person or organization which are described in (a), (b), (c) or (d) above;
(f) NOT a member of any branch of the USA military forces;
(g) NOT an agent or a trustee which act in favor of a person or organization which were described in (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) or (f) above.

8.4.2 His decision to subscribe for MedCash Tokens was:
(a) NOT based on information he received or communications he exchanged while he, or the person which provides the information or with whom the communication was exchanged, was within the USA;
(b) NOT made in the USA;
(c) NOT contacted Medxchange while being in the territory of the USA.

8.4.3 His acquisition of MedCash Tokens is:

(a) made for his own account;

(b) NOT made in expectation of a further distribution of the MedCash Tokens to others;

(c) NOT predated, and, within 2 days from the Closing Time will not make any attempt to create or cause to be created a market for the MedCash Tokens in the USA.

9 Token acquisitions

9.1 The Crowdfunding Platform will provide the Participant with an address for funds transfer to be made in USD or cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, LTC, etc). Confirmations will be provided upon receipt and confirmation.

9.2 The Crowdfunding Platform will also provide transaction history and balances, including suspense balances and market values, and the latest updates.

10 Crowdfunding on the Website and authorized exchanges only

10.1 Medxchange will only Crowdfund through the Crowdfunding Platform and approved exchanges which are listed at the Website. To the extent that any third party website or service, not cited among the approved exchanges at the Website, provides Tokens during the Crowdfunding, takes funds transfer to Medxchange, promotes funds transfer to Medxchange or the supply of Tokens during the Crowdfunding, such third party websites or services are not supported in any form, supported or authorized by any MXL Party and have no relationship with MXL or Medxchange.

10.2 The only official and authorized Crowdfunding website URLs operated by Medxchange are listed here

10.3 The list of officially authorized exchanges which are allowed for distribution of the MedCash Token during the Crowdfunding is represented at the Website.

10.4 By participating in the Crowdfunding, receiving and holding Tokens, to the extent allowed by relevant law, making funds transfer to MXL or Medxchange, the Participant agrees that no other party may be responsible for any Loss arising out of, or connected to his funds transfer to Medxchange, participation in the Crowdfunding, or receiving and holding Tokens in any way other than through the Website or authorized exchanges.

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