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11 No limitations on receiving Tokens

11.1 There will be no limitations on the amount of Tokens provided during the Crowdfunding. Subject to clause 11.2, a party may receive any number of the total Tokens which were provided.

11.2 However, all Tokens provided during the Crowdfunding will constitute no more than 100% of the Crowdfunding Tokens.

12 Attempts by fraudsters to double spend cryptocurrency

Medxchange and the Crowdfunding Platform will control all potential deals attempting to double spend any cryptographic Tokens or cryptocurrency when Crowdfunding. Any discovered double spend will result in no Tokens being provided to the relevant party.

13 Control of Tokens issued during the Crowdfunding

13.1 All the unallocated Crowdfunding Tokens will be revoked after Crowdfunding.

14 Warning: Do not take part in this Crowdfunding if you are not familiar with or do not understand cryptographic tokens, blockchain based software systems, and cryptocurrencies.

While Medxchange will provide general guiding principles related with use and storage of Tokens, the Participant should understand the functions of storage and transmission mechanisms connected with cryptographic tokens, blockchain based software systems and cryptocurrencies. While Medxchange’s help will be available for the Participant during and after the Crowdfunding, no MXL Party will be responsible for any Loss arising out of, or connected to any actions taken by, or any omissions by any Participant.

15 Warning: Token price may experience very strong variability

15.1 Cryptocurrencies or Cryptographic Tokens that are very valuable for public markets, such as bitcoin, have demonstrated very strong oscillations in price during short periods of time on a regular basis. The Participant must be prepared to accept similar oscillations in the MedCash Token price which may occur due to market forces and represent changes in supply and demand. Neither Medxchange nor its management guarantees any marketability of Tokens. In addition, the marketability of Tokens may be significantly different in various jurisdictions because of different regulatory demands in the various jurisdictions, and the inability of citizens of certain countries to open accounts at exchanges located throughout the world.

15.2 By participating in the Crowdfunding, receiving and holding Tokens, or making funds transfer to Medxchange, the Participant confirms and agrees that he completely understands that Tokens may experience price variability or oscillations and that he agrees that no other party may be responsible for any Loss arising out of, or otherwise connected with his participation in the Crowdfunding, receiving and holding Tokens, or making funds transfer to Medxchange.

16 Warning: receiving Tokens has some risks

16.1 Tokens carry risks. Before receiving Tokens, the Participant should thoughtfully consider such risks and have a consultation with a qualified specialist. By participating in the Crowdfunding, receiving and holding Tokens or making funds transfer to Medxchange, he confirms and agrees that he understands all the risks and agrees that no other party may be responsible for any Loss arising out of, or otherwise connected with his participation in the Crowdfunding, receiving and holding Tokens or funds transfer to Medxchange, or any related risk.

16.2 Dissolution of Medxchange because of decline in the value of cryptographic tokens, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain based software systems. Participants are using cryptocurrencies or cryptographic tokens when making funds transfer, participating in the Crowdfunding or receiving and holding Tokens. While some of these may have been comparatively stable, their values may fall greatly in the future. If this should occur, it may deny Medxchange sufficient resources to continue its development.

16.3 Regulatory action in one or more jurisdictions. Various regulatory bodies in numerous juridical authorities regulate cryptocurrencies, blockchain based software systems and cryptographic tokens. Medxchange and Tokens could be affected by some regulations. These regulations could hinder or limit the ability of Medxchange to continue its development.

16.4 Lack of interest in Medxchange. The success of Medxchange is dependent on individuals, organizations and businesses using the Medxchange Platform. If sufficient interest does not materialize, it may cause an adverse effect on the development of the Medxchange Platform. In this event Medxchange will communicate with developers and ask for their assistance in building Medxchange, and will work with third-party developers throughout the world to generate an interest in Medxchange. However, neither MXL nor Medxchange can’t predict or guarantee any success related to such development actions.

16.5 Medxchange may not meet the expectations of Token holders. Participants confirm that Medxchange is in the development stage and may change prior to release. Participants confirm that any expectations about the Medxchange form and functions held by the Participant may not be met upon its release because of changes in the design or implementation plans or other reasons.

16.6 Medxchange may never be completed or released. The Participant understands that while MXL will use its best efforts to complete Medxchange Platform, the full version of Medxchange may never be released.

16.7 Theft. Hackers or other groups or organizations may try to steal Tokens.

16.8 Ethereum mining attacks. The Participant understands and admits that blockchain based software systems, cryptographic tokens, and the Ethereum blockchain which is used for the Medxchange Crowdfunding campaign may suffer mining attacks which include “selfishmining” attacks and race condition attacks. Any successful attacks represent serious risks for the Medxchange Crowdfunding campaign.

16.9 Exploitable breakthroughs in cryptography. Cryptography develops very quickly. It has advances in code hacking and some technical advances. These technical advances could present some risks to the Medxchange Crowdfunding campaign and result in the theft or loss of Tokens. While Medxchange intends to pursue methods of avoiding hacking attempts, but it cannot predict the future behavior of cryptography.

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