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17 Cancellation and return policy

17.1 By participating in the Crowdfunding, the Participant confirms that Medxchange is not obligated to provide a return for any reason, and that he may not get any money or other reimbursement by way of a return.

17.2 All funds transfers to Medxchange are nonrefundable.

17.3 All commissions for return deals will be covered by Participant.

18 Smart Contract change or correction

Medxchange can offer changes to the Smart Contract and realize them upon getting permission from the holders of 51.00% (fifty one percent) of the total Tokens outstanding as of the response deadline determined in the relevant change request.

19 Taxation

19.1 Medxchange represents no information about the tax consequences when participating in the Crowdfunding, receiving and holding Tokens or making funds transfer to Medxchange.

19.2 The Participant is the only person who is responsible for determining or assessing the tax consequences of his participation in the Crowdfunding, receiving and holding Tokens or making funds transfer to Medxchange.

19.3 If the Participant decides to participate in the Crowdfunding, receive and hold Tokens or make funds transfer to the extent allowed by relevant law, he agrees that no other party (and also any MXL Party) may be responsible for any Loss arising out of, any tax debt he may incur for receiving and holding Tokens, participating in the Crowdfunding or making funds transfer to Medxchange.

20 Privacy

20.1 Excepting the information in these terms and conditions or on the Website, Medxchange will publish no information relating to the Participant without his preliminary written permission.

20.2 Participants may communicate with each other using Medxchange concerning the Crowdfunding before, during and after the Crowdfunding.

20.3 Medxchange may ask other information from Participants if it is required by relevant laws or required to provide any technical support asked by the Participant.

21 Intellectual property rights

21.1 Any information represented on the Website is the property of MXL Parties or other parties. This information may be used by the Participants only. They are granted a limited, nontransferable, revocable license for the use of the information which is intended for personal use only, subject to these Terms and Conditions.

21.2 All intellectual property rights comprised in the information, text, logos, audio clips, technology, software or any other means of information found in the Website shall be the property of MXL. The Participant may download and print such materials from the Website.

22 US citizens

22.1 Tokens are not offered to US residents or citizens.

22.2 If the Participant participates in the Crowdfunding, receives and holds Tokens or makes funds transfer, he confirms that he is not a US resident or citizen, and that he agrees with all the representations laid out in clause 8.4.

23 Cooperation with legal bodies

MXL and Medxchange will cooperate with all legal bodies, subpoenas, or requests on condition that they are lawful, fully supported and officially documented.

24 Jurisdiction of the Crowdfund

The legal entity holding the Crowdfunding, Medxchange Limited, is registered in Hong Kong, pursuant to the laws of Hong Kong.

25 “Know your customer” and “Anti-money laundering”

Medxchange or the Crowdfunding Platform retains the right to hold “Know your customer” (KYC) and “Antimoney laundering” (AML) verifications on Participants if it is required by the relevant laws. Medxchange will return funds received from Participant if Participant fails to complete KYC and AML verification. In that case Participant bears the costs associated with incoming transfer and the return transfer.

26 Force majeure events

No MXL Party may be held responsible for failure to perform because of any Force Majeure Event. If the Participant makes funds transfer to Medxchange, participates in the Crowdfunding or receives and holds Tokens he agrees that no other party (including any MXL Party) may be responsible for any Loss arising out of.

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